How long does the warranty for my Bersa pistol last?
Please, contact the representative in your area.

Can I buy a gun directly from Bersaís factory?
Bersa only sells its products through its representatives who distribute them to gunshops for retail.

Why my Bersa pistol looks like it has been used even though I just opened the sealed bag and took it from the box for the first time?
All Bersa guns are tested in our factory before being distributed and sold, for this reason, and even when they are cleaned after these tests, they may present some residue showing that they have been fired by our testers.

What kind of cartdriges can I use in my Bersa pistol?
You can use any commercial cartridge as we are constantly testing new ammunition in order to guarantee 100% reliability, no matter what the brand. If you find a cartridge less reliable in comparison with others, please, let us know your comments by e-mail.In order to optimize the reliability, we recommend to use only high or hyper velocity ammunition in your .22 LR caliber short barrel pistol (Thunder 22 Model) as well as avoid use of standard ammunition.

Can I use +P ammunition in my Bersa pistol?
Bersa pistols have been designed to support all kind of ammunitions considered under the international standards like SAAMI, among these ammunitions we can find the denominated +P. Nevertheless it is worth mentioning that the constant use of this kind of cartridge may increase the normal wear of the gun.

Can I use 22 LR Stinger, Viper or other 22 LR caliber ammunitions in my Bersa .22LR pistol?
Yes, Bersa pistol is designed to support Hyper speed cartridges without any inconvenience.

Can I use hollow or flatnose bullets in my Bersa pistol?
Yes, if they are in standard commercial cartridges.

I have light strike or ammo failure when I use reloaded ammunition.
We suggest you test the gun using commercial cartridges, if the problem continues, if you notice that the firing pin doesnít mark the cap, your gun may need to be repaired. If you use reloaded ammunition, we suggest you verify the cartdrige before considering a potential problem in your gun.

ē How should I proceed to send my gun to be repaired?
We suggest you refer to the local procedures valid in your country, as well as to the documentation included in the gunís box and the representatives list in this website for further recommendations. If you have any doubt or inconvenience, feel free to contact us at:

I just bought a Bersa gun but it does not have the instructions manual, how could I get it?
Please, search in our website the Download link and look for the right model.

I need instructions to disassemble my Bersa pistol.
We recommend to refer to the instruction manual for a basic disassembly ,if you donít have it, you can read it or download it from this website, by searching your model in the Download link.
For complete disassembly we suggest you turn to the service center or to the closest representative/importer. Please, refer to the representatives list in this website for further details. In case there is no a Bersa representative in your area, it is worth mentioning that the gun must be repaired by a qualified and certified gunsmith only.

Can I repair my pistol by myself?
Please, contact the nearest representative for technical assistance or send us an e-mail to:

How long does it take a gun to be repaired?
It normally takes two or three weeks for a gun to be repaired, but this may depend of each gunsmith.

I disassembled my gun but I canít reassemble it.
We do not recommend to entirely disassembly a gun without the appropriate qualification as gunsmith. We suggest you return your pistol to the service center or to the nearest representative/importer. We recommend you to contact a representative (please, refer to Representative link in our website) to get your gun assembled or contact a qualified gunsmith to solve your problem (these service are at expense of the owner of the gun).
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