• blued
  • duo tone
  • Caliber:
  • Operation:
  • Total length:
  • Height:
  • Width:
  • Barrel length:
  • Weight:
  • Magazine:
  • Sight radius:
  • Barrel Grooving:
  • Finish:
  • Action:
  • .45 ACP
  • semi-automatic
  • 6.81 inches
  • 1.46 inches
  • 5.08 inches
  • 3.6 inches
  • 27 ounces
  • 7 cartridges
  • 141 mm
  • 8 grooves, twist: on
    turn in 406 mm
  • matte blue, duo tone
  • double and single action with an external hammer
Along with the well known Thunder pistols, we added the Thunder 45 Ultra Compact PRO for those who love the .45 ACP caliber.

For lovers of this calibre, this pistol gives a superb grip comfort unmatched by the competition.

With Bersa’s careful design and extremely soft, controlled recoil, shooter’s of all kinds will experience superlative results.

The Thunder 45 is an excellent option if you are looking to acquire a .45 ACP caliber firearm. This will be confirmed the second you grip and shoot the pistol. You will see why so many .45 caliber enthusiasts love this pistol.

This gun is fully ambidextrous like high capacity versions. Its safety/decocker and slide stop levers are located on both sides of the gun. The magazine catch is also reversible. The location of the safety and decocker grant unequalled comfort and perfect grip.

The Thunder 45 Ultra Compact PRO has the Improved Browning Petter barrel locking system, giving an excellent reliability during ejection of empty cases and feeding live ammo.

As we always do, safety is first, and Thunder 45 Ultra Compact PRO has many safety devices: manual safety lever and decocker, firing pin safety, hammer automatically remains in half cock notch and separate the hammer from the firing pin, and a new loaded chamber indicator. This pistol has also a Integral Locking System, to store the gun safely.

REAR SIGHT: Dovetail fixed, with white dots, u or bar for faster target acquisition.

FRONT SIGHT: fixed in the slide with white dot for faster target acquisition.

FINISHES: matte blue. It also comes in two tones with nickel plated slide and an anodized frame for superficial hardening and corrosion resistance.

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